March 25, 2008

Pre-Op Appt.

Oh gosh were we nervous. The nurse came in, took his vitals, and asked all kinds of questions about his recent health and medications. We told her about the sinusitis and thrush and all of the meds he was taking. His vitals were great and his lungs were clear, but she was a little concerned with the thrush issue. On to the next office. Before leaving Bauer made sure he left the room in ship shape!!
On to the anesthesiologist it wasn't her call to make concerning thrush. She was mainly in charge of clearing him from any issues that would complicate the anesthesia. He did great with anesthetics last time so there wasn't any concern.

Next we saw Dr. Mulliken's nurse. I was just waiting for her to say, "Nope, I'm sorry Thrush is like the plague. We won't be able to have the operation."

Even though there was still a little bit on the side of his cheek it wasn't on his tongue or palate so she wasn't worried about it at all.

We finally got the all clear!! We wanted to just make a full sprint to the nearest exit before Bauer coughed, sneezed, farted too loud or made any other noise that would be of any concern.

We have to call today around 3:00 p.m. to find out what time the surgery will be.
For now we are just hanging out in the hotel room.

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