March 12, 2008

Making the Time Go By

We could have probably gone home Saturday or Sunday, but the operating room wasn't available so we are having to figure out ways to help the time pass by until Monday.

For anyone headed down this road we strongly encourage to have at least 1 friend or family their to help. It's wonderful to have people there to talk and laugh with. Makes the time go by so much faster. And the extra set of arms don't hurt either!! :)

We visited a few different areas around Boston that we could go in and walk around for a while.

It was crazy with all of the extra clothing we had to keep putting on and taking off. Ourselves and Bauer!! I'm not sure that Bauer had a "good hair day" the entire time. Lots of "hat hair".

At one point Bauer decided to create a super duty diaper (that's as graphic as I'm getting)
It seems we somehow took the extra set of clothes out of the diaper bag before we left the hotel and forgot to put them back in. So basically, Bauer was naked except for his diaper, jacket, socks, and reindeer shoes and it was about 30 degrees outside. We had to laugh. At least we had the jacket and a blanket!!
As for the clothes he ruined.........they will forever stay in Boston!!

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