March 20, 2008

Finally Home!!

I was so excited to feel the landing gear touch the ground I could have cried. We loaded up, found our luggage and headed home. Unfortunately it took us 2 hours to get from Tampa to Brandon. Bauer was uncomfortable, hungry, and ready to be home. He just wouldn't stop crying. So we stopped to feed and comfort him for a little while, but it wasn't quite cutting it. After we had covered all possible basis we just headed home. He finally fell asleep.

When we got to the house we took a look at Bauer's lip and knew it needed to be cleaned. BUT HE WAS SLEEPING!!! Well, he must have been in a coma because we got him out of the car, laid him on the bed, took off the steri-strip, cleaned the lip, re-applied another strip, and he never even budged!! Poor guy was exhausted.

When we took off the old strip we realized it was the first time we had seen his lip without any sutures. We both just stood there staring. Unbelievable perfection. It's truly a miracle that within 9 hours Bauer went from having an obvious abnormality to having 2 perfect lips ready to be kissed by mommy and daddy. Although I have to say we will miss kissing those big slobbery lips and that smile that was a mile wide.

We're just so glad to be HOME!!

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