March 30, 2008

Day 1

We are now in our room and were so excited to see that at least for now we are by ourselves. Almost unheard of up here. We'll take it as long as we can get it. I told some friends that I just want to hang a "NO VACANCY- COME BACK IN 3 DAYS" sign on the door and see what happens. It would be funny if nothing else.
Bauer is hooked up to all kinds of wires including an IV in his ankle. He's very groggy and not himself. Totally out of it. He won't eat much these first couple days because of the soreness and the pine tar taste in his mouth. He should start coughing all that stuff up soon and clear the gunk in his throat. We've heard some babies have tons that they just throw up and others just cough up little bits. So far it hasn't been anything too crazy. It is very dark so you may want to wear dark clothing when you go.
He really isn't crying too much, but he's not sleeping much either. Mainly due to trouble breathing with the packing in his mouth. I wonder how strange it must feel going from a huge whole in your mouth to a pile of crud 2 centimeters from your tongue. I'd be a little irritated too!

The hospital has now started a new policy where parents cannot sleep in the bed with the babies. I'm not excited about it AT ALL so we'll see how things go. I tried holding him in the recliner but it's almost impossilbe with the 15 million wires hooked to him. So I've tried just to hold him the best I can up next to his bed and he falls asleep within minutes. The only problem is I can't feel my back after about 10 minutes. He is such a CHUNK!!

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