March 30, 2008

Continuing day 2 -- hangin' in there.

Well things are still going well. He's taking down 2-3 oz at a time during meals. It's still kind of hard for him to control the breathing and swallowing together with the packing in his mouth so we're doing a little bit of sippy cup and a little bit of syringe. He gets TONS of air down every time. Lots of tootin' going on. But that's a good thing. He did have some new lephrechaun green poo, but the nurses said it's from his morphine and anesthetics. Pretty gross!
Adam and I are pretty exhausted and are thinking about just borrowing some of Bauer's codeine tonight! Totally kidding!!! If Bauer doesn't have that then NOBODY sleeps.

Kathy, Adam's mom, gave us a few breaks today and let us go get some lunch and just sit for a little while. She's really helped us out a bunch.
Dr. Mulliken came in this afternoon and said he looks good and made another compliment about how great his lip & nose look.
We took Bauer for a little stroll today after they removed the IV line. Of course, he loved it. Guys we can't explain how the Lord is working up here and prayers are being heard and answered. All things considered this really could not be going any better. Now, it's not a picnic by any means but knowing how December went and comparing the two it's a totally different recovery. Definitley not the norm. We know the feeding, sleeping, and healing will be day by day, but already having gone through that before we somewhat know what to expect and how to approach it. We know it's the Lord bringing glory to His name. Just praying when the packing comes out tomorrow morning Bauer goes back to eating regularly and feeling even more like himself.

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