March 25, 2008

Boston Bound - Take 3

Here we go again. Our flight left Orlando at 7:30 a.m. Bauer did great, but I could tell this time the pressure on the way down was bothering him. We tried to just get him to take what we could out of the sippy cup. Seemed to help.
I accidently left his clothes attached to his backpack carrier which had now been put under the plane so we were hoping that his little tummy wouldn't prove itself explosive once again. Thank goodness he was fine.
Once we landed we all bundled up for the 40 degree weather and headed for the hotel room.

Adam and I both agreed how much pressure we felt come off our shoulders just finally getting to Boston.

We had our ENT/audiology appt. today at 2:30 p.m. They were going to decide if tubes would need to be placed in Bauer's ear during his palate surgery.
The doctor said Bauer did have a little bit of fluid on each ear, but it wasn't bad. We are hoping that some of the fluid is from the cold he just got over 3-4 weeks ago.
After his hearing test the audiologist also said there is a little bit of hearing loss, but nothing permanent.
So based on their information and suggestions/personal opinions from family, friends, and the doctors/nurses we have decided not to have the tubes inserted at this time.

Bauer hasn't ever had an ear infection and I got the feeling that the doctors were a little surprised that the test results weren't worse. In fact, the ENT actually said that if we didn't have surgery in 2 days she would just tell us to come back in a couple of months and we would re-test and decide if Bauer's fluid continued to increase and hearing decrease and then decide on the tubes.
In short, all went well and we've passed the first bump in the road.

Tomorrow we will have our pre-op evaluation and they will let us know whether Bauer is clear for surgery. After the thrush and sinusitis we are a little nervous, but just hoping and praying that they will give us the "thumbs up".

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