March 20, 2008

Binki Blues....

Since using a pacifier would aggravate Bauer's lip the surgeon asked us not to use it. We figured out a way to use one without having anything touch his mouth, but it was getting difficult. Bauer wasn't really obsessed with the the pacifier, but he loves to have it when he sleeps.
After talking to a good friend of ours (thanks Rebecca!) and reading the research she found we decided that going "cold-turkey" was the best way. The first night Bauer cried for about an hour. Being 2:30 a.m. it felt like 5 hours, but he eventually gave up and went to sleep. We would go in every 5-10 minutes to comfort him and it seemed to help a little bit.
The second night lasted about 30 minutes and by the 3rd night he was back to sleep within about 10 minutes. We worked nap times the same way and he didn't fight it too much at all.
HALLELUJAH!! No more binkis.

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