March 29, 2008


Our surgery isn't until 1:00 today, but we have to be there 1 1/2 hours beforehand.

Make sure before your surgery day that you go over the food regulations. Depending on your child's age and time of surgery there are certain time constraints with solids and even clear liquids.

Everything has been going well. We were cleared for surgery, the thrush was under control, and the yeast infection on his butt was almost gone....................................UNTIL THIS MORNING!!!!!

We went to change his diaper and the yeast infection was back! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! You've got to be kidding me! I hit complete panic mode. Then right before I had a heart attack I realized there was absolutely nothing we could do but pray it wouldn't be a problem.

So around 11:00 we headed over to the hospital and within about 15 minutes they brought Bauer back to take his vitals. We showed them the massive butt funk and they said it would be fine. Thank God!! Some nurse actually gave us this random antibacterial cream, Bicatracin, to temporarily use and it looked amazingly better even after one application. We'll probably just stick to that for now.

They gave him this little wand to keep his attention while they gathered all the info. We almost had to sneak it in the bag because he loved it so much. Now all we had to do was wait to be called back to the pre-surgical area.

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