January 10, 2008

Back to the hotel!!

Well, now are back to our home away from home. I't Friday and we have to camp out for at least another 4 more days at the hotel. Monday we are suppose to go back and have Dr. Mulliken look at Bauer to make sure everything is progressing okay and to get his sutures removed.

We were nervous wrecks over the weekend. We watched Bauer's nose like a hawk. The biggest concern was making sure Bauer's nose stayed clean and didn't get infected. We were to look for signs of pimple-like areas, blisters, increased redness, and especially any bleeding. We were on cleaning patrol constantly. Every 3 or 4 hours we would clean his suture line on his face as well as in or near his nose. The nurses gave us some sterile water, hydrogen peroxide, saline, and q-tips.
Here was the usual routine: By they way, this process always took at least 2 people!!! 3 was best b/c you had a "arm holder", "head holder", and "suture cleaner". Sounds funny, but we had it down to a science after a while.

1. Wash hands. Get Ivory soap and put just a dab with water in our hand. Clean Bauer's lip area.
2. Put 1/2 hydrogen peroxide - 1/2 water mix on areas that had any gunky type stuff. Let it sit for a few seconds.
3. Take q-tip, gently roll it over the suture areas. Try to get any gunk off. Occassionally there would be some very persistant areas that refused to let go of any crust.

You can kind of get a good look at his suture line after cleaning. It would get pretty nasty if he sneezed or got milk on it.

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