December 22, 2007

Not so fun moments!

Every day the nurses would have to come in and clean Bauer's sutures. If he got any type of crust on them, bubbled up, or got real swollen and red there were possibilities of complications. So they would use a long q-tip with sterile water or 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and wash out his nose/lip area. Needless to say this was not Bauer's idea of a good time. The nurses were wonderful and did such a good job. You hate hearing him get upset while they are picking at him, but it's much better than the alternative.

You will get specific directions on how to clean the area when you get discharged from the hospital. We would first wet it with mild soap (ivory or dove) and water using our finger, rinse it off with the sterile water by either squeezing soaked gauze over it or rolling a q-tip over the suture line. If there were any mucous or crusting areas we placed the 1/2 hydrogren peroxide on it, let it set, and clean it off. Not the most fun, but has to be done. For a few days they also put a bicatracin ointment (kind of like neosporin) on after the cleaning. Bauer was amazing. He is our little hero!

If you would like to see a little bit of how they cleaned his leave a comment or e-mail and I'll send it.

Each day gets better.

I kept asking doctors as they checked on Bauer, "Is this normal?", "Will this get easier?". They all assured me after 24 - 36 hours he would really start feeling more like himself. At first I had a hard time believing them. But as the hours progressed we did noticed a huge difference especially on day 2. He wasn't quite as fussy, he wanted to eat, and was back to wanting to see everything. Bauer's favorite thing is to move around. So any time someone would carry him throughout the hospital he was quite content. We were even able to strap him in the Baby Bjorn


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