December 17, 2007

Cleared for surgery!

Bauer was cleared today for surgery at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I know it's late, but if anyone gets this before he goes please lift him up in prayer. He had a small case of sinisitus last week and even though his breathing is great, no signs of any fluid in the lungs, no fever, and no green/yellow mucous we still don't want any sign of it at any point.

He did awesome today when the nurses were screening him. We are so thankful he's such a great baby. It makes things a lot easier.
1. final all-clear for tomorrow morning - no coughing, runny nose stuff
2. alert/wise minds, steady hands, gracious hearts from surgeons, doctors, and nurses
3. good attitudes and loving effort from entire hospital staff
4. patience for adam and I, help to trust the Lord over and over again tomorrow
5. while Bauer is under that he would be at peace
6. Bauer comes to easily after surgery and is not scared
7. Quick recovery, eating well soon after

There are many many more, but we would be so grateful for you to pick a few and just pray for them. We know God has heard all of the others being lifted up before now.


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Erica Lavely said...

I hope everything went well, we have been praying for your little guy!


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