December 26, 2007

Sleeping Arrangements

The hospital has specials beds for parents who want to sleep next to the baby. It's kind of like a cage. You don't have to worry about anyone rolling off this thing. It was very comfortable compared to the back-breaking contraption we used the night before. I think it also helped Bauer stay calmer longer through the night.

Even though it was much easier to sleep with this set-up please remember it's not the Marriott. You will have doctors and/or nurses coming in throughout the night. Usually they came in when some random wire came loose or Bauer moved a certain way and the computer couldn't pick up a reading. Also, you will have another family in there with you. Though we would have loved a single room we were thankful the set-up wasn't like a few years ago when there were 4-6 families per room. There were occassional moments when I wanted to throw the entire set-up out the window or just duct tape Bauer's wires to him so falling off was not an option.
Right when everyone would start drifitng off to sleep ..............BEEEEEEP!...........BEEEEEP!!.......BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!
I get up to get the nurse, Adam jumps up like the building is on fire and then all is quiet again within a couple minutes. This repeats itself around 20 times a night!! After a while you just have to laugh. I will say it wasn't quite as funny then as it is now. :)
Our first full night of sleep really didn't come until about a week later! At least having a newborn you were use to not sleeping everynight all night anyway.

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