December 16, 2007


"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

We're going to keep this story short, but I could fill up a few pages. Sunday our flight was to leave about 11:30 a.m. As we were getting checked through security about to be at our gate, delta announces our flight has been cancelled. Hmmmmm. Now what! So for the next 12 hours the stroller looked like a packed mule between diaper bags, video cameras, purse, breastpump, laptop bag, and 2 carry-on bags. Oh yeah, and Bauer!!!

When we realized our flight wasn't going to leave until 7:30 p.m. we decided to get a room for the day at the airport Marriott. We didn't want Bauer around all those people breathing in tons of germs. The cost was orignally $239 a night, but we explained the situation and she reduced it to $99. So we finally get down to our gate and start boarding the plane. Bauer is jumping around like crazy loving every minute. I'm wondering how in the world we're going to keep him still for more than 2 minutes of our 2 1/2 hour flight. All of a sudden the pilot comes on the intercom and says, "we're having a mechanical problem. they're working on it and should be finished shortly." Okay fine, if there is something wrong I'm all about not having to jump out with a parachute midflight. I vote "fix it". About 20 minutes later the pilot says, "we will all need to deboard the plane........we have to wait for another one coming in from new york." Adam and I just looked at each other and started laughing. What else were we going to do? So we all get off and about 10:00 p.m. we boarded our 2nd plane of the day. It was truly a blessing because right as we boarded Bauer had his last bottle, the lights were off and he fell asleep the entire flight.

Oh yeah, and the flight attendants had announced that there weren't any extra seats on the flight. So as we are waiting for everyone to board we noticed that the doors are shut and everybody is on. Of course, God supplied abundantly. There was an empty seat between us and Bauer was able to lay out. The Lord continuously shows his plans are better than ours and not to freak out when things don't go the way we want. I once was told that we need to always write out our plans in pencil because God usually changes them. We wanted to be in Boston asleep by now, but God knew what we and Bauer needed.

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