December 6, 2007


Something you will need for you child are button-up long-sleeve shirts. It sounds easy, but if you'll notice in the stores most of the infant clothes are onesies. You won't be able to pull anything over their head because of the Logan's Bow. It's kind of like a safety bar that's put over their lip so they won't touch it. I think it may also help the lip from spreading apart too much too soon. CARTERS is one of the only brands that carry these. I found them at JcPenney, Sears and Belks.
SUNSHINE BABY at BEALLS was another brand that made them.
Each CARTERS set is a girls or boys long-sleeve button-up, short-sleeve button-up, and pants. They usually run around $10 - $17. You can usually find them on sale.
We will also be using the pajama snap-up and zip-up sets too. As you know, you can find those any where.
Here are a few links to order on-line. I found more sets in the actual store.

Click below:
JcPenney -
Sears boys Sears girls I couldn't even find the Carters set on-line at Sears, but I know they have it in the store.

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