December 30, 2007

Bauer's Friend

You may remember the little girl Ivy whose pre and post surgery picture we posted a month or two ago. We've been in contact with her parents since and they have been a tremendous blessing. On the 2nd day they came to the hospital to check on Bauer and see how we were doing. Such a wonderful family. They even stopped by the hotel and dropped off some toys and clothes for Bauer. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.
When I saw Ivy I just couldn't stop staring at her lip. It was perfect. There was almost no evidence of any scarring left. Really the only reason I even saw something is because I knew what to look for. We were so impressed.
Ivy is such a sweet girl. She was loving on Bauer so much. They kept telling us how well Bauer was doing which was good for to hear because we, at that point, were starting to wonder if things were where they should be. It's awesome how God has brought so many new friends into our lives from other ends of the country.

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