November 21, 2007


I meant to put this in a lot earlier. When we first started using a pacifier with Bauer, he couldn't keep it in his mouth to safe his life because he can't really suck enough to keep still. We usually had to prop something up beside his face or stand there holding it in place. And even then somehow he would find a way to spit it out.
One day I accidently bought a 6+ month pacifier. God knew what we needed. I noticed he was able to control it a little better. When I put the old beside the new there was a huge difference in size. The only thing I can think is that the thickness of the new one is easier to hold between his gums. Or maybe it's easier to hold with his tongue. Either way I thought I might share that. I know the "binki" has been great for us. I am a little afraid of what will happen after the surgery. He can't have it because it touches his lips. I'm hoping after 2-3 days in the hospital he forgets about it. If anyone reading has any suggestions please leave a comment. Thanks.

Here is a good site on pacifiers - MAM PACIFIER

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