November 11, 2007

Hungry Hungry Hippo!!

Well, we started Bauer on Rice Cereal this past week. We later added a tiny scoop of green beans. It might as well of been a prime rib dinner!! He loved it. We have to keep it kind of soupy or we play the "let's-see-how-much-we-can-shoot-out-my-nose" game. We tried different ways to use the spoon. Right now we will put a few bites towards the side of his mouth and then the rest of the time we try to put it the center of his mouth. He's getting better every time.

If you haven't used the spoon yet don't be scared if on the first couple times he blows most of it up his palate and out of his nose. They will eventually teach themselves not to do that so much.
That's why we do some of his scoops on the side.

I read an article on how to best feed solids and it was really encouraging.
Click here: FEEDING TIPS
It's great knowing that cleft babies will be on the same food track as everyone else, i.e. introducing rice, veggies, fruits, sippy cup, etc.
I think feeding was one of the more scary parts going in to everything, but it's amazing how they can adapt to whatever works. The special feeders are a tremendous help. If the one you are using isn't working, ask your doctor. They may know of something. The original bottles/nipples we were given at the hospital were very frustrating and didn't work well for us. Once we got ahold of the Habermans it was heaven!!

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