November 29, 2007


WOW! I can't even begin to tell you how overwhelming last weekend was. I was reading through a few forums and asking quesitons of mom's who have "been there done that" through this whole process. I met a couple of ladies, Daphne & Jen, that have given me some of the most valuable information yet. One of them reminded us that God knit Bauer together the exact way He wanted. It wasn't a mistake. He gave Bauer to us to show us grace, mercy, and power. We can definitely testify to that truth. Thank you ladies for your wisdom and encouragement.

One of the things we were most excited about was their choice of hotel. We were originally scheduled to stay at the Devin Nichole house. Though the price is great and close to the hospital Adam and I were concerned about a few things. In August we only stayed 3 days in the same area. The only options for food were "food court" or "food court". We are definitely not being picky, but it got really expensive and obviously not a bit healthy. And getting a taxi anywhere past 15 minutes was $30 or more. We were kind of stuck! I wished we would have had a grocery store or even a few small restaurants around.

The ladies shared with us that the Best Western they stayed at had grocery stores, restaurants, target, etc. right by it. It's only 2 miles from the hospital. The best part is the free shuttle to the hospital or anywhere in town. The only fee is traveling to the airport. I was so excited I could have screamed. God had answered another prayer.

Also, it's not much more expensive because you get a "medical rate".

November 21, 2007

A New Friend

When we first found out about Bauer's cleft we thought, "Wow, we feel like we're the only ones." It's amazing how many people in our community have dealt with this. One day in church a sweet lady, Helen Coleman, a retired missionary, shared her story of being born with a cleft. She dealt with surgeries and doctors years ago. As I looked at her I wouldn't have even guessed she had a cleft lip. You could barely see any scarring. She didn't have her's repaired until she was 6 years old!! We're very thankful for how far the medical field has come and how open others have been about their personal experience. Thanks Ellen!


A friend of ours, Michael Sparks, makes and sells jewelry as part of his income. Two weeks ago Michael had a booth at our Annual Art Festival downtown. He offered to donate all proceeds to Bauer. He made $350.00. AWESOME!! We are so thankful for the time you took to make the jewelry and the heart you have to offer such a great gift. THANK YOU!

Check out Michael's stuff:


I meant to put this in a lot earlier. When we first started using a pacifier with Bauer, he couldn't keep it in his mouth to safe his life because he can't really suck enough to keep still. We usually had to prop something up beside his face or stand there holding it in place. And even then somehow he would find a way to spit it out.
One day I accidently bought a 6+ month pacifier. God knew what we needed. I noticed he was able to control it a little better. When I put the old beside the new there was a huge difference in size. The only thing I can think is that the thickness of the new one is easier to hold between his gums. Or maybe it's easier to hold with his tongue. Either way I thought I might share that. I know the "binki" has been great for us. I am a little afraid of what will happen after the surgery. He can't have it because it touches his lips. I'm hoping after 2-3 days in the hospital he forgets about it. If anyone reading has any suggestions please leave a comment. Thanks.

Here is a good site on pacifiers - MAM PACIFIER

November 11, 2007

Hungry Hungry Hippo!!

Well, we started Bauer on Rice Cereal this past week. We later added a tiny scoop of green beans. It might as well of been a prime rib dinner!! He loved it. We have to keep it kind of soupy or we play the "let's-see-how-much-we-can-shoot-out-my-nose" game. We tried different ways to use the spoon. Right now we will put a few bites towards the side of his mouth and then the rest of the time we try to put it the center of his mouth. He's getting better every time.

If you haven't used the spoon yet don't be scared if on the first couple times he blows most of it up his palate and out of his nose. They will eventually teach themselves not to do that so much.
That's why we do some of his scoops on the side.

I read an article on how to best feed solids and it was really encouraging.
Click here: FEEDING TIPS
It's great knowing that cleft babies will be on the same food track as everyone else, i.e. introducing rice, veggies, fruits, sippy cup, etc.
I think feeding was one of the more scary parts going in to everything, but it's amazing how they can adapt to whatever works. The special feeders are a tremendous help. If the one you are using isn't working, ask your doctor. They may know of something. The original bottles/nipples we were given at the hospital were very frustrating and didn't work well for us. Once we got ahold of the Habermans it was heaven!!

November 9, 2007

Delta SkyMiles

We'd like to thank to our friend, Elaine White, for having the wonderful idea of donating skymiles for our travel. Right now we have been given a total of 56,000 miles.
A HUGE THANKS to all who donated. We know there was a fee for anyone who wanted to give. Your generosity is wonderful!! This will save us over $1000.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

November 8, 2007

Last Thursday our application into the Devin Nichole House was accepted. YEAH! It's like a Ronald McDonald House, but under a different name.
They have a few different houses: (click on links for details)

Devin Nichole - any type of patient
Ronald McDonald -oncology patients
Casa Monte Cassino - international patients
The Family Inn - transplant patients
Hospitality Homes - host homes in the Boston area
YWCA - Young Women's Christian Association
Here is the page listing all details for each house as well as hotels and other accommodations for family and friends that may be staying with you.


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