September 14, 2007

Today Bauer met with the Early Steps Services team - ( They are an early intervention system that offers services to infants and toddlers with significant delays or a condition that places them at risk of developmental delay. For us it is probably going to deal more with his speech than anything else. They try to help each child prepare for a successful experience when entering school.

After evaluating him the team said he was doing great so far and wouldn't need any services at this time. GREAT NEWS!!! Lord willing we won't need much intervention at all, but we are very very glad the option is there.

If you are not from the state of Florida you really should look into any intervention teams in your area. Ours works great with insurance. From what I understand they will cover whatever services your child needs that your insurance, medicaid, etc. won't cover. Such a blessing!!

I must say Bauer was being a little flirt with all of the ladies this morning. He has become quite the little "ladies man"!!

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