August 31, 2007

Children's Hosptial Boston - Dr. John Mulliken

We finally made a trip up to Boston to meet the surgeons, nurses, and everyone else who has been so incredibly helpful. The trip wasn't bad at all. Bauer slept during both flights.

The accomodations near the hospital are great. Our hotel was one block away. When we go up in December we are hoping to stay at the Devin Nichole House. It's like a Ronald Mcdonald, but under another name. It's also very close to the facility.

We met Dr. Mulliken and his nurse Mrs. Dotty Macdonald!!

They were very excited about doing Bauer's surgery. He said he thought the lip would be one of the easier ones he's done. Very good news!! They both are truly passionate about their work.

While there we received videos and paperwork on clefting. I wish we would have had these on day 1. He showed us some other surgeries he had done. The results were great. He explained some of the fine details that he considers before each surgery. It was pretty amazing.

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