August 21, 2007


He's finally here!!! July 17, 2007 at 2:36 a.m. our beautiful boy was born. We were so excited. I was very thankful that we knew what to expect beforehand.

After birth we found out both palates (hard & soft) were cleft. Maybe it's a mom thing, but I immediately went into "medical mode". I just kept thinking, "okay, when do we go the hospital?, how do I make it easier for him to eat?, can he swallow?, will he need a Latham device? ( ), how early does the surgeon need to see him?, will he need tubes in his ears soon?, how is his hearing?, etc. etc.

We were just trying to prepare the best we could to make this as smooth as possible for Bauer.

It's amazing how quickly we didn't "see" his abnormality. Through our eyes he was a normal beautiful, happy boy. In the hospital the doctors and nurses were surprised and excited that he could get a little bit of suction and was eating so well. We were beginning to understand that our baby was just as normal as any other baby. He would just need a little "fixer upper". These pictures are of him in the first week.

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