August 21, 2007

April 24, 2007

On April 24, 2007 we were 30 weeks pregnant. We were both very excited to soon be getting a 3-d view of our baby boy. Was he going to have my face? my husbands? could we see his hands? his feet? As we watched him move around we noticed something wasn't quite right. My husband asked, "Are his lips suppose to look like that?". The ultrasonographer went to get the doctor. Of course, we were immediately in "oh-no-what's-wrong" mode. The doc came in and told us the baby had a cleft lip. They wouldn't know anything about the palate until birth.

He said it only happens in 1 and 800 births. I'm not sure if that was suppose to make us feel better or not. Honestly, at that point I don't know that anything could have made us feel better. Naturally, my husband and I were scared and confused at what we had done wrong. A few days later our doctor suggested we see a "specialist". (Our OBGYN team was very supportive and tried to help in any way they could. We couldn't have asked for better)
Unfortunately, the specialist wasn't the most tactful. As if we weren't scared enough, he decided to let us know our child had a 5% chance of Downs Syndrome because of the cleft. We soon found out that there is no correlation between the two. Several other doctors gave us a strange look when we asked about it. We're still kind of confused at what that guy was talking about.

One thing I want to mention is that he actually brought up abortion. When someone says this you automatically think, "It must be bad if that's an option". Trust me, this guy was the worst person for us to go to. We never would have aborted for any reason, but he made us feel like our new adventure into parenthood was going to be anything but joyful.

Let me fully assure you that cleft/lip palate is not as bad as this doctor made it sound. It is a challenge and involves research and special needs resourses, but please know that it can be dealt with in an incredibly successful way.


Rebekah said...

So glad you did not listen to that doctor! Thanks for sharing Stacy and Adam. I am going to link you all to my blog so other parents use you all for information.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats crazy. I took the Quad Screening test when I was pregnant with Madison and they told me if I had an amnio and it came back + that I could have an abortion. I was like "what? we already saw her ears, hands, feet & legs" she was a person to us you know. *HUGS* I am sure finding out all of this must have been so scary for you guys.


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